“危機が共産党員を増やす” フランスの国際ニュース専門チャンネルが報道

フランスの国際ニュース専門チャンネルのFrance 24が「危機が共産党員を増やす」と題して、日本共産党のリポートを動画配信しています。

Crisis swells Communist Party ranks | France 24

Crisis swells Communist Party ranks

[France 24, Thursday 23 April 2009]

By Julien ALRIC – Nathalie TOURRET

As a consequence of the economic crisis in Japan, the local Communist Party is booming. Temporary workers, who are the main victims of mass layoffs, are attracted to the party, where they find a sympathetic ear.

Tsukoshi Kanai is 24 years old. He joined the Communist Party six months ago. He works at an Internet cafe six days a week, 10 hours a day and makes 1,400 euros a month. He says his salary is too small. He has no unemployment insurance, no health insurance and no pension. Under Japanese labour law, the company is supposed to pay for all of that but in his case, it doesn't.

Every month, for the past year and a half, 1,000 people like Tsukoshi have joined the party's ranks. They are mainly temporary workers, who account for more than a third of the local workforce. The party chief's views attract them. Kazuo Shii is one of the few politicians who defend their cause. Kazuo Shii wants layoffs to be regulated and the same salaries for the same jobs.

The communist revival has also been boosted by literature. One publishing company has published manga forms of Karl Marx's "Das Kapital" and "Kanikosen", a 1929 Japanese novel about exploited workers on a crab boat. The first sold 100,000 copies and the latter, 250,000.

The Communist Party was popular in the 1960s and 70s and has kept a strong presence in local and prefectural assemblies. Still, it remains weak at a national level, with nine seats out of 480 in the country's House of Representatives. But the situation could change at this year's general elections. Jeffrey Kingston, an Asian Studies specialist at Tokyo's Temple University says, "Lots of people are turned off of politics whether it is the LDP ruling party or the leading opposition party, the DPJ. They always lurch from scandal to scandal and money politics as usual. The Communist Party offers an alternative".




[France 24, Thursday 23 April 2009]




La crise fait les beaux jours du Parti communiste | France 24

  1. 「海外メディアはなぜ日本共産党に注目したか?」を興味深く読ませていただきました。ありがとうございます。今パリのメーデーについて取り上げています。またお立ち寄りください。今後ともよろしく。

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